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Expat Accommodation in Indonesia


One of the things that you should consider seriously when you are planning to live in Indonesia as an expat is finding the right accommodation. It is illegal for foreigners to own lands in the country. Living accommodation in Indonesia is not that expensive when compared to Western countries, but luxury housing in popular expat areas can be expensive. If you are an expat living in Indonesia, we suggest that you should bargain with landlords before coming to an agreement on the rental price. Again we at Asia Expat Guide will help you scout the most convenient and safest residence within the budget you can afford…


Product Description

Expats in Indonesia are not allowed by the government to own land or property. Typically, expats would consider renting an apartment for a shorter stay or a comfortable house for a longer term accommodation.

The immense land in Indonesia gives rise to very different lifestyles in each city. We at Asia Expat Guides have a qualified team in Indonesia that understand the characteristics and culture of different cities. If you miss your westernized lifestyle, we can look for an accommodation in a major city that allows for a smoother adaptation in Indonesia. We are familiar with such cities, such as Jakarta, where amenities are readily available. Pine for a countryside living experience and we will present to you the outlying areas. Love the bustling city or the laidback suburban area; name it and you’ll have it.

Apart from location-related problems, we at Asia Expat Guides recognize the conventions in rented houses. Indonesian landlords are not responsible for fixing things in the house. With Asia Expat Guides around, you never have to worry about leaking pipes or broken drawers. Rest assured that our team will scout for the best possible accommodation just for you. You also no longer need to engage yourself in the troublesome process of dealing with local agents and lenders.

Indonesia is a rather prominent target for aggression by certain radical organizations. We at Asia Expat Guides are vigilant in worldly affairs and promise that only the safest estates will be recommended to you. Keeping you safe and protected is and has always been our top priority.

Indonesia is a great place for work and leisure. With its multiple islands, it has more to offer with its gastronomic food, warm people, rich culture and panoramic views. Our goal at Asia Expat Guides is to find your dream home here in Indonesia – one that is safe, clean, well-furnished and modern. Yes, you can definitely look forward to it!

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