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Part of being able to fully immerse and interact with the locals is to learn and understand their language. While many Vietnamese can speak or comprehend some English, there are often challenges in effective communication due to differences in accent and some vocabulary gaps. These drawbacks may seem trivial when you’re just ordering food or buying an item. But they can be crucial once you need formal documents translated or when interacting with a local for business transactions. Asia Expat Guide understands these distinct intricacies in the Vietnamese language and we offer courses that address your needs to quickly grasp the basics from…


Product Description

Expats living in Vietnam feel the urgency to grasp the basic of Vietnamese language. It can be a weapon towards a competitive advantage in the workplace or social network within the community. Vietnamese is one of the hardest language for foreigners to pick up. While many foreigners give up learning the local language due to discouraging mockery when they emit wrong-toned words, the ones who strive on gain utmost respect from the locals.

Vietnamese is a tonal language. A slight difference in the tone or pitch may be construed differently to a local. Be it at your workplace or your neighborhood, we at Asia Expat Guides want to integrate you with your business partners and the locals, and ultimately blend you in with the Vietnamese language and culture. With us around, we will supervise your progress and give you the confidence to impress the locals and your overseas counterparts.

Our team at Asia Expat Guides is a group of competent tutors with knowledge on various languages and regional dialects all throughout the country. We understand that you are busy and run a tight schedule. At your convenience, we provide 90 minute sessions at your place weekly. The time will be maximized and divided into different sections based on the plan specifically created for you to fully realize your potential. Crucially, we provide audio files so that you can get the tones of the Vietnamese language spot on. With us around, we structure your learning progress by starting with basic words that you can immediately utilize in your everyday life.

Here with Asia Expat Guides, we will transform you from an expat who commonly used body language as a medium of communication to one who is confident and fluent in expressing ideas. Watch your life change as we go on a quest to learn Vietnamese!