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When you an expat living in Thailand, learning the local language will help you to communicate and integrate with the local community. Even if many of the locals speak English it is still worth your while learning the local language. Doing so will demonstrate your interest in and commitment to the new country. We at Asia Expat Guide (AEG) are here to help you realize the bridging of gaps of cultures with the help of our networks of language instructors and fun language classes. We will be there to help you foster lasting friendship and understanding among the locals…


Product Description

Thailand is culture-rich and interesting, just like its language. Some expats who have been in Thailand for a while claim that this is one of the hardest languages to learn because the pronunciation and tone varies in creating a runic rhyme. However, these difficulties will be nonexistent with Asia Expat Guides, as we create strategic programs appropriate for each expat needs. We promise to deliver a solid linguistic foundation so that your Thai language development will be progressive.

Our team at Asia Expat Guides comprises native tutors that can help you in learning Thai Language in a fun and easy way. Through the years, our tutors innovated teaching techniques that permit expats to converse in Thai within a short period of time. Our dedicated team will cater to your busy schedule – you can dictate the frequency of your Thai lessons with us. Through our lessons, Thai words that represented weird ancient scribbling at first glance will turn out to be a whole lot more understandable. Look forward for an all-rounded curriculum and learning through watching Thai movies and practical experiences.

In your Thailand stay, you will definitely meet businessmen, students, or front-desk staff with proficient English skills. Nonetheless, amongst the older population, urban working classes, or rural populace, it is inadequate to rely only on English. That is where, at Asia Expat Guides, our Thai tutors can come in handy!

Sà-wàt-dee kráp! Welcome to Asia Expat Guides and pick up some handy phrases!