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Local Language Courses


The life of an expat is all about leaving your home and embracing another. Good thing that English is the common language in a multilingual country like Singapore. But learning “Singlish” would bridge the gap between cultures in your daily corporate and social life. We at Asia Expat Guide are here to help you realize the bridging of gaps of cultures with the help of our networks of language instructors and fun language classes. We will be there to help you foster lasting friendship and understanding among the locals…


Product Description

In your visit to Singapore either for travel or work, there are always positives to draw from learning the local languages. Singapore has four main languages – English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. To assimilate into the culture, it is important that you learn the local language of communication and commerce. Due to the geographic location of Singapore, it is also important to note that local businesses regularly interact with their South East Asian counterparts from Indonesia, China, India, etc. Here at Asia Expat Guides, we want to provide you the skills to build rapport through language with your business counterparts.

Learning the Language

There are numerous schools that offer courses for expats to learn the basics. One of several ways to learn Mandarin in Singapore is to enroll into the Business Mandarin Course. With Asia Expat Guides, there is certainly an easier route. We are always mindful of your schedule because your convenience takes precedence. We are confident that we can help you understand and speak Mandarin after a few sessions with our competent tutors. The session can take place at the comfort of your home for 1.5 hours every weekly. Our tutors will provide a detailed layout of your progress for the record.

Why Learn Business Mandarin Course in Singapore

Mandarin Chinese is the most used language in the world. Learn and your horizon will get wider.
● Business – An expat businessman speaking Mandarin can enlarge his clientele base.

● Culture – Chinese have deep roots with history; learning the language will expose you to the fascinating Chinese culture.

● Inspiration – Yes! You can be a source of inspiration for other expats to learn and speak the language!

At Asia Expat Guides, we understand that living on foreign soil can be both challenging and rewarding. We are equipped with the necessary tools to help you learn the language. Our team consists of proficient and capable tutors that will help you realize how beautiful Mandarin or other languages spoken in Singapore can be. Our role is to facilitate your learning because we enjoy the process of imparting our knowledge. You are our valued customer; it satisfies us when you enjoy learning the language and benefitting thereafter.

The process is not an overnight one. But we, at Asia Expat Guides, promise excitement, fun, a holistic experience and infinite benefits to your career. Prepare to be amazed!