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When you an expat living in South Korea, learning Hangeul will help you communicate and immerse with the local community. Majority of the locals is not fluent with the English language. Doing so will demonstrate your interest in and commitment to the new country. It is about learning to overcome cultural and language barriers to achieve little but essential things like making friends, buying food, ordering dinner at a restaurant, asking for the right sizes at the mall, talking to you child’s school teacher and even consulting with a doctor. We at Asia Expat Guide (AEG) are here to help you bridge the gaps of cultures with the help of our…


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The culture in Korea is vastly different from countries in the West. There is an overwhelming emphasis in jobs, positions and titles. In Korea, being an insider is always better than being an outsider. Moreover, the majority of Koreans possess only limited English skills. Blending in with the Korean culture and integrating with the locals will give you an edge over your Western counterparts. What better way to assimilate into their culture and networking than to learn their language? Through learning the Korean language, not only will it greatly assist an expat in a business context, it also aids in everyday living and understanding the long-standing culture.

Past observations showed that expats in Korea who learnt the native tongue gained more respect; not just from their fellow foreigners but from Koreans as well. Locals appreciate expats who are trying to speak the language despite the obvious difficulty in pronunciation.

At Asia Expat Guides, we will guide you on how to reach your goal of becoming a good Korean speaker. Our team comprises competent tutors whose credentials include students that have mastered the Korean language. Our experience will do the magic for you – watch us create innovative materials so garner your interest in learning the intricate words and characters. Learning Korean Language is challenging but once started, you will feel more excited and comfortable in your learning journey. There are so many more reasons for expats to learn the language – direction to a place, listening or reading the news, asking for help, understanding labels when you shop, need we say any more?

Through learning the Korean language with us, we at Asia Expat Guides can promise a holistic experience for you in Korea and infinite benefits to your career! Come on, take your first step to be a Korean!


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