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Most if not all Japanese are very understanding of a foreigner or expats who does not conform instantly to their culture. They like to boast that their language and culture are among the most difficult to understand in the world, so they are generally quite happy to assist you if you appear to be struggling. However, the Japanese people will appreciate it if you follow at least the following of rules. There are also specialized language sessions like learning business practices in Japanese to hone both your language and professional skills. Asia Expat Guide has some of the best native speakers to help you in these aspects…


Product Description

“Japanese business etiquette” is one of the most searched phrases for Japan business related keywords. It does not come as a surprise if you searched too. Japanese business etiquette is not so different from traditional Asian countries, governed by the pillars of politeness, sensitivity and good manners. For one, Japanese business cards are a ‘must-have’. However, wouldn’t it be ironic if you did not understand the Japanese language?

At Asia Expat Guides, we understand the culture shock that you received upon your touchdown in Japan. However, it is now in your hands to choose how to fit in the society and giving importance in learning their language. Japanese people value relationship, so the best way to build contacts is to blend in with them. A good start is to study, write and speak Japanese. Learning Japanese requires time as it is one of the most intricate language courses to study.

At Asia Expat Guides, we promise only proficiency and fulfillment at the end of our course. While Japanese Language Schools can provide courses, they only have specific dates and time slots for their students. You are our best friend; we want to be flexible in order to cater to your busy schedule because we understand that work and family is your priority. Simply let us know when you are free– we will be there at the comfort of your home. Our materials are properly designed and customized for each student as we understand that everyone has unique learning capabilities.

Japanese is after all the language of commerce is Japan. Grasping the skill of Japanese speaking and writing will put you in a position of leverage. What’s more, notice your ease of assimilating into the fascinating Japanese culture and blending with the locals. Sign up now with Asia Expat Guides – we want to give you an immediate head start over your Western counterparts!


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