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Living in Indonesia demands knowing at least basic Bahasa or some Indonesian dialect to facilitate your immersion with the locals and interaction with them while riding a cab, shopping for clothes, etc. This is particularly true if you’re assigned in provinces which have lesser expat population and hence, less people who know how to speak English. There are also specialized language sessions like learning business practices in Bahasa to hone both your language and professional skills. Asia Expat Guide has some of the best native speakers to help you in these aspects…


Product Description

A hugely diversified nation, Indonesia is made up over 17, 000 islands and home to over 300 ethnic groups. It is therefore unsurprising that this country is using different variations of dialects. Regions all over the country are using different dialects but it has one national language which binds Indonesians – the Bahasa Indonesian.

Learning the local tongue definitely derives many benefits to an expat. Despite the growing number of Indonesians accepting English as their Second Language, a huge proportion of them still have limited English skills. It will definitely aid in communication with the locals and finding your way around town.

In a business context, it is respectful to have one side of your card printed in Bahasa Indonesian. You want to understand the words on your business card, wouldn’t you? Indonesians are also indirect communicators. Friendly body language and gestures, as well as being able to speak in their language would build a strong relationships. Even more importantly, learning the Bahasa Indonesian would expose you to the business culture – one that would immediately provide you with the all-important leverage.

At Asia Expat Guides, our team comprises experienced teachers that have been rendering their skills to expats in learning Bahasa Indonesian. We have structured Indonesian Language Courses that will guide you with the basics and along a progressive scale. We understand how you feel about learning an unfamiliar language from scratch. Our Indonesian language courses are made easy through the effort of the teachers to create a unique learning material for each student depending on their grasp of the language. Our tutors will also provide detailed progress report on your improvements.

We, at Asia Expat Guides, deliver great tutorials and enrich your vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesian at your convenience. We value each expat that we handle because we fully understand how valuable it is to start a new life in a foreign country. Learn with us, and watch your business counterparts take a liking to you!


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