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Local Language Course


Living in China demands knowing at least basic Chinese expressions to facilitate your immersion with the locals and interaction with them. This is particularly true if you’re assigned in provinces which have lesser expat population and hence, less people who know how to speak English. It would not be surprising if the city where you live will also speak another dialect, aside from Mandarin. There are also specialized language sessions like learning business practices in Mandarin to hone both your language and professional skills. Asia Expat Guide has some of the best native speakers to help you in these aspects…


Product Description

Local Language Courses

In China, language is oftentimes a barrier.People on the streets and in business offices communicate predominantly in Chinese. As an expat in China, the success of you integrating into their rich culture or to broaden your social network, is by and large influenced by your communication skills.

At Asia Expat Guides, we provide Chinese language courses where our experienced and dedicated teachers can tailor the pace at your comfort. You will never have to worry about gesturing wildly on the streets or suffering the inconveniences of communication breakdowns after your tutelage with us.Spare us your time for us to impart our language knowledge to you. In return, we at Asia Expat Guides guarantee you a world of fun conversing with locals from a culture that is different from yours!

Language Tutor for Shanghai Expat

At Asia Expat Guides, our personalized tutor will visit you 1.5 hours every week. We understand that every individual is unique; we will adjust the pace of lessons to optimize your learning. Your troubles of understanding words or concepts with the local vernacular are gone.We will be with you every step of the way in your learning process. This course will be immensely helpful to you when it comes to day-to-day activities like shopping at the local store for groceries or getting around. Who knows, you might even extract a good bargain on account of your language skills!

The Chinese speak many different languages and dialects. Fortunately in the developed areas, the large majority speak Mandarin. It is a good idea to register yourself for a language course and pick up Mandarin to aid in your interaction with the locals. At Asia Expat Guides, we offer Shanghai expats one-on-one professional Mandarin language courses that are tailored to your needs and pace of learning. Sign up for our professional language courses to enrich your expat living experience today!