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Pet Relocation


To avoid any quarantine problems, you need to accomplish the necessary requirements for your pet should you decide to bring it along with you during your stay in Vietnam. Different animals will require different veterinary certificates. Your pet cat or dog should be vaccinated against rabies for instance to create their passport but other animals like birds and rodents may be subjected to different rules by the relevant authorities in Vietnam. Spare yourself from these minute details as Asia Expat Guide also covers comprehensive assistance regarding this matter so you can simply enjoy the company of your beloved pet throughout your stay…


Product Description

Relocating your beloved pets to Vietnam can be a logistical torture.

While no quarantine period is needed during your pet’s arrival in Vietnam, a veterinary certificate must be presented together with your pets’ inoculation records. Other requirements related to the certificate varies depending on the airline taken. Drivers also have to be arranged on both ends of the flight. If you’re a dog owner and your pet falls under the breed-specific legislation (such as in the case of Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Cane Corsos, and other breeds), you will face the extra hassle of dealing with more paperwork and possible quarantine regulations.

From arranging your pet’s administrative work to getting pre-flight labels, we will ensure that all these administrative issues will be taken care of. All of our pet relocation specialists are knowledgeable about the latest export and import requirements and are well-equipped with the experience to ensure that your pet reaches your new home here in Vietnam safely and comfortably.

What we offer:

  • Pet relocation advice, to ensure all pets are vaccinated and ready to be relocated to Vietnam.
  • Ensure all the necessary relocation documents for your pet are in check. We will mail relevant documents for Vietnam, pre-filled labels for your pet’s travel crate, water bowls, health certificate endorsement and other administrative paperwork.
  • Arrangement of pet hotels if needed.
  • Linking up with a vet in Vietnam upon arrival.

*Booking of flights for your pets and setting up pickups in Vietnam will incur additional costs.

At Asia Expat Guides, we have successfully relocated expats’ pets into Vietnam in the most efficient and smooth manner over the years. We understand that pet owners like yourself are worried about the comfort of your pet apart from the logistical work. Here at Asia Expat Guides, every single member of us will treat your pet just like our own. Have you beloved companion travel with Asia Expat Guides!

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