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Pet Relocation


Is there such thing as pet passport? Well, there is in Thailand!  We all know that a lot of expats are pet lovers.  You must have a Thailand veterinary certificate, and many others when your pet enters the country. We at Asia Expat Guides understand that your time is precious and relocating is a stressful activity.  We also value your pet as something that you cannot live without.  You do not have to go through with the bureaucratic hassles and all.  We are committed that your pet will arrive in Thailand in the same healthy condition when it left your place of origin and we will even make Thailand a better haven for them…


Product Description

There are questions you should ask yourself regarding your move to Thailand as preparations get underway. You have no qualms about bringing your pet along to Thailand, but what are the necessary paperwork and requirements needed to ensure a smooth transit?

In Thailand, there are basic pet air travel rules and import requirements that you should be aware of when traveling with your pet. We will serve as your reminder to ensure that necessary documents will never be forgotten. While pet import into Thailand has no regulations about ownership and licensing, you need not worry about microchip issues, rabies vaccination, health certification and import permits. Let us at Asia Expat ease your burden because we are here to help you handle all your paperwork.

Our veteran team at Asia Expat Guides have successfully imported pets from all over the world to Thailand over the past years. Our expertise will promise that neither you nor your pet will suffer uncertainties during the import. All of our pet relocation specialists are familiar with the latest import requirements to Thailand. After your pet have safely arrived, pet supplies can easily be bought in urban areas from large grocery stores, but it might be difficult to find such supplies in rural areas.

With Asia Expat Guides, bringing your pet into Thailand is not difficult. We will make it easy and plain-sailing for you. Before your move, just don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you need to know regarding your pet import to Thailand. Trust us at Asia Expat Guides and we will give only the best to your furry companion!

What we offer:

  • Pet relocation advice, to ensure all pets are vaccinated and ready to be relocated to Thailand.
  • Ensure all the necessary relocation documents for your pet are in check. We will mail relevant documents, pre-filled labels for your pet’s travel crate, water bowls, health certificate endorsement and other administrative paperwork.
  • Arrangement of pet hotels if needed.
  • Linking up with a vet in Thailand upon arrival.

*Booking of flights for your pets and setting up pickups in Thailand will incur additional costs.

Get in touch with us for FREE consultation about pet relocation. Email us to or contact us here.


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