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Pet Relocation


All live animals entering South Korea must be accompanied by valid certificates issued by the exporting country’s government. You need to declare all imported animals upon arrival at the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service, where they must be inspected. All Cloven-hoofed animals that are shipped from import-restricted areas will be sent back or destroyed. A lot of expats are pet lovers and most of them treat their pets as members of the family and would like to go with them. Asia Expat Guide offers expert advice and documentation so you can import your beloved companion with the least hassle as possible…


Product Description

Upon your move to Korea with your pets, you have to submit an animal quarantine certificate in your country of departure towards the National Veterinary Research as well as Quarantine Service. This usually takes a couple of days; and if your pets are disqualified, they could be returned to your home country at the expense of your wallet.

All animals are subjected to inspection and quarantine at points of arrival and visitors travelling with pets must declare their pets on the Customs Declaration Form. Apart from these requirements, our veteran team at Asia Expat Guides are fully aware of current guidelines such as microchip implantations, number of pets permitted per visitor, countries that do not require rabies certification, and others. We know that the administrative relocation matters of you and your family is already overwhelming, therefore our animal-loving team at Asia Expat Guides promise to be here for your pet.

At Asia Expat Guides, we ensure that the whole process of your pet shipping to Korea works smoothly, from paperwork along with immunizations, to secured flights as well as personalized delivery and import requirements. We will do everything it takes to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort before, during, and after your pet travel.  With Asia Expat Guides, rest assured that you will be reunited with your best friend in no time!

What we offer:

  • Pet relocation advice, to ensure all pets are vaccinated and ready to be relocated Korea.
  • Ensure all the necessary relocation documents for your pet are in check. We will mail relevant documents for your Korea, pre-filled labels for your pet’s travel crate, water bowls, health certificate endorsement and other administrative paperwork.
  • Arrangement of pet hotels if needed.
  • Linking up with a vet in Korea upon arrival.

*Booking of flights for your pets and setting up pickups in Korea will incur additional costs.

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