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Pet Relocation


Pet owners who are planning to move to Indonesia should have no qualms about bringing their pets with them as this is allowed by law provided proper documentation is secured and all required procedures are observed. We at Asia Expat Guides understand that your own relocation is a hectic activity, and your pet is something that you cannot live without. Our network of professional partners will be giving you a wide array of services that includes. We are committed that your pet will arrive in Indonesia in the same healthy condition when it left your place of origin and we will even make the country a better haven for them…


Product Description

The Indonesian authorities see the spread of rabies as a serious public health issue and are extremely strict on pet imports to their country. Certain areas in Indonesia prohibit the import of pets due to rabies concern. Also, pets from non-rabies free countries may not be imported to Indonesia. On top of these, there a requirement of an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and also a mandatory quarantine period for your pet on entry.

As you can see, pet relocation to Indonesia is a tedious and complicated process, filled with many regulations by Indonesian authorities. Our veteran team at Asia Expat Guides is more than happy to provide you with sound advice and keep you up-to-date on the latest regulations on pet relocation to Indonesia. We are familiar with microchip, vaccination, health certification and other requirements before relocating a pet to Indonesia. We at Asia Expat Guides only want the best for you and your beloved pet. We will sort out all the relevant administrative matters so that you can put your mind at rest.

What we offer:

  • Pet relocation advice, to ensure all pets are vaccinated and ready to be relocated to Indonesia.
  • Ensure all the necessary relocation documents for your pet are in check. We will mail pertinent documents to your destination country, pre-filled labels for your pet’s travel crate, water bowls, health certificate endorsement and other administrative paperwork.
  • Arrangement of pet hotels if needed.
  • Linking up with a vet in Indonesia upon arrival.

*Booking of flights for your pets and setting up pickups in Indonesia will incur additional costs.

At Asia Expat Guides, we provide the smoothest pet relocation service to Indonesia and processing of import requirements that help you manage your pet shipping. We will ensure your pets are well taken care of, just like the rest of your family!

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