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Pet Relocation


A family migrating to India can bring a maximum of two pets. While it is perfectly fine to bring in common household pets like cats and dogs to India, you should be aware of its particular rules concerning this. This includes vaccination and good health proof requirements and even passports of the owners are required when arriving in India. To help you quickly become familiar with these unique regulations as well of how certain animals should be cared for when you are living in India; Asia Expat Guide also offers expert advice and documentation so you can import your beloved companion with the least hassle as possible…


Product Description

Moving your favorite companion out from home can be a logistical nightmare.

India accepts the import of two domestic pets per person into the country via the airports in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. India, as with other countries, too has its rules and requirements for pet relocation into India. Microchip requirements, rabies vaccination and certification, vet health certification (Form 7001) are just some of the only procedures that you have to cater to.

At Asia Expat Guides, our team has the experience in pet relocation and are familiar with the legal requirements. At Asia Expat Guides, we understand that your own relocation is a stressful enough affair, and you could do without having to worry about your favorite companion’s move. From arranging your pet’s administrative work to getting pre-flight labels, we will handle all the administrative hassle that you would otherwise have to handle yourself. All of our pet relocation specialists are familiar with the latest export and import requirements to India. We are also equipped with the experience to ensure that your pet reaches your new home safe and sound.

Have your beloved companion travel with Asia Expat Guides. Our goal is to provide your darling the smoothest and quickest transition to India so that he/she can be reunited with you!

What we offer:

  • Pet relocation advice, to ensure all pets are vaccinated and ready to be relocated to India.
  • Ensure all the necessary relocation documents for your pet are in check. We will mail necessary documents for India, pre-filled labels for your pet’s travel crate, water bowls, health certificate endorsement and other administrative paperwork.
  • Arrangement of pet hotels if needed.
  • Linking up with a vet in India upon arrival.

*Booking of flights for your pets and setting up pickups in India will incur additional costs.

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