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Expat Wife Activities


With a lot of expats living in South Korea, you can also expect more varied activities for your wife and family to enjoy, many of which will allow them to easily feel comfortable at home. As one of Asia’s cultural and historical hub, living in South Korea would be fun because it is home to ancient sites, museums and monuments and even host to major cultural shows like operas, ballets, plays, fashion shows and concerts. From old architecture to modern buildings, South Korea is never short of fascinating attractions. Asia Expat Guide can help you go through these various opportunities to keep your family busy and happy—without worrying about the logistics…


Product Description

Many trailing spouses have given up their own jobs to move to Korea along with their expat partners. Expat wives usually struggle with lost feelings of accomplishment, identity and personal fulfillment that their previous jobs provided. This is not just a new phenomena but is more common because of the changing demographics of the expats in Korea.

If you are a wife of an expat in Korea, Asia Expat Guides is here to help you build your new life in Korea. We, at Asia Expat Guides, are connected with various institutions, clubs and communities that provide dance workshops, cooking classes, art and crafts making, and other enjoyable lessons of your choice. We believe that each individual possess a blend of functions which form part of her identity, including a personal range of interests, strengths, along with a selection of motivating things to do.

We at Asia Expat Guides can introduce expat wives different enriching activities while embracing the beautiful country of Korea. We can help you build connections as we bridge the gap in language, culture and other differences that you have. You don’t have to worry about being an alien in Korea. Let us help you meet other expat wives who share the same passion and interest as you do. At Asia Expats Guides, we value every expat wife. We believe that you have a life to enjoy – within and outside of your home. Our job is to provide a life that is fulfilling and holistic to you.

With the connections we provide, go out there to socialize with the beautiful Koreans!

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