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Expat Wife Activities


Japan is a group oriented society. Find a group that does something you are interested in whether it is cooking, surfing, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, ice skating, archery, calligraphy, origami, go, or shogi. Activities will make your spouse’s expat life exciting. These are just some of the hundreds of activities you can choose from that your spouses can do in the country. There is always a variety of exciting activities to enjoy and places to explore and Asia Expat Guide can help you go through these various opportunities to keep your family busy and happy—without worrying about the logistics…


Product Description

Moving to Japan as an expat wife, you most likely will experience a high learning curve while you struggle to adjust to a community which operates in a different way from what you were used to. You should adopt brand new codes of conduct, internalize new routines, adjust to a new environment, and should possibly become familiar with a brand new language. We understand that these marked changes could prove overwhelming to expat wives or trailing spouses.

Japan is home to many inventions and lifestyles. Since you are already here, why not expose yourself to these new experiences? You could join a ‘Sudoku club’ (Japanese puzzle), learn Japanese cooking to wow your family, or experience the joy and fun of anime and manga. Otherwise, if you miss the culture and people back in your home country, join us for dance programs such as Salsa or Burlesque, and build up sweat the fun way with your Western counterparts. Additionally, you can join interesting social events that will help you mix with the locals as well as with other expat wives.

With Asia Expat Guides, we help you to embrace change instead of resist it. We are connected to local clubs, classes and social groups that will provide activities which engages your mind, body and soul to provide a wholesome interpersonal experience. You don’t have to worry about feeling left out. At Asia Expats Guides, we value every expat wife. Let us help you meet other expat wives who share the same passion and interest as you do. Trust us when we say these activities will make you relish the joy of staying in Japan!

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