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Expat Wife Activities


With China opening itself more and more to the rest of the world, you can also expect more varied activities for your wife and family to enjoy, many of which will allow them to easily feel comfortably at home. As one of Asia’s central cultural and historical hub, living in China would be fun because it is home to the greatest ancient sites, grandest museums and monuments and even host to major cultural shows like operas, ballets, plays, fashion shows and concerts. From old houses to modern buildings, China is never short of fascinating attractions which can easily be reached by plane or train—all within the same time zone!


Product Description

The term “Trailing Spouse” is often applied to someone that joins their partner in a moving abroad with no secured job within the new place. Expats often refer to “Trailing Spouse Syndrome” as a condition of stress as well as unhappiness that occurs once the trailing spouse feels unfulfilled and a lack of direction. We at Asia Expat Guides understand that the polarized culture and language barriers in China may inhibit your comfort level and affect your ease of constructing new social networks. Come along with us, and your moments of uncertainty and boredom will perish instantaneously. At Asia Expat Guides, we bridge expat families with organization or institutions that specialize in reducing the “Trailing Spouse Syndrome.”

At Asia Expat Guides we have professionals that understand your situation and are able to cater activities and clubs to your personality and liking. We encourage expat wives in China to concentrate positively on options that are offered in China instead of mourning about the past. As a Chinese proverb teaches, “the new cannot come if the old does not go”.

At Asia Expat Guides, we will not allow expat wives in China to be left behind. We will allow them to explore their maximum potentialities. We offer ways to do that through social interactions, club memberships and admissions to recreational and enrichment programs. With us around, be prepared to embrace the new opportunities in China!

Come take a peek to our services at Asia Expat Guides. We have options for you to join various clubs, activities and social networks. Finally, a source of inspiration and a platform for you to meet people like yourself! What are you waiting for?

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