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Expat Visa


Visa is unarguably one of the most essential things to settle prior to your arrival in South Korea, but the hassle of processing all documents and papers to acquire it can be tiresome and frustrating. Our team at Asia Expat Guides is well-versed with South Korea visa requirements, so you can just sit back and relax. We will lead the way, and you will never get lost nor penalized…


Product Description

The Korean Immigration Service is known to be fast and reliable. However, immigration can still be confusing to expats whom are unfamiliar with the procedures and the Korean language. At a foreign land, Asia Expat Guides is always ready to serve you. Our local team of advisors will assist you from start to end, sorting out your visa matters as well as guiding you through the immigration process. From matters on Korean visa requirements and applications, we will ensure that you and your family are equipped with the appropriate documents and visas to make your transition a smooth one.

Our team at Asia Expat Guides comprises natives that are familiar with the Korean immigration process. Foreigners visiting Korea need not process visas if they are coming from a visa-exempt country as long as long as they fulfil requirements under the Korean law. The following are types of visa available for expats moving to Korea (have to enter the country within 90 days after the visa has been granted):

  • Tourist and Business Visa – Visitors from countries excluded in the Visa Exemption Agreement must obtain a visa prior to entering Korea. Application for a visa extension is needed if planning to stay for more than 30 days.
  • Study Visa –Expat students planning to proceed with short-term studies, training, or tertiary level education in Korea.
  • Work Visa –    Expats may obtain work visas in their home country with the endorsement of their employer in Korea. If expats are already in Korea, he/she must obtain the work visa from an embassy or consulate in a country outside Korea. Work visas are usually valid for 1-3 years from the date of issue and take about 2-4 weeks to process.

Apart from visas, our team at Asia Expat Guides will assist you in obtaining a residence permit from the Immigration Office.We will help you all throughout in your administrative work and remind you on important documents such as your visa application form, passport and passport-sized photographs, as well as provide you information such as your visa processing fees. For a stress-free transition to Korea, allow us at Asia Expat Guides assist you throughout!

Get in touch with us for FREE consultation about expat visa. Email us to admin@asiaexpatguides.com or contact us here.


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