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Expat Kids: Education


Although the schooling options when you are living in South Korea are somewhat limited for foreign residents, you do have some choices. International/Foreign schools are the two most common, albeit expensive, options for foreign students. There is a difference between foreign and international schools. Foreign schools are specifically for international students and limit enrollment by ethnic Koreans, while International schools are open to everyone who can afford to pay the tuition. We at Asia Expat Guide can help you identify the most appropriate school for your child needs and even assist in offering extra-curricular courses like…


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We know how exhausting it is for you and your loved ones to move to Korea and having to change your lifestyles. At Asia Expat Guides, we will lighten that burden for you finding out the best schools in terms of curriculum, culture, diversity of students, distance, as well as facilitating their enrollment.

Seoul offers three different schooling options for your children – homeschools, local schools, and international/foreign schools. Our team at Asia Expat Guides know just the right schools for your children, while taking into consideration your preferences as well. If your family intends to stay in Korea long-term, it may make sense to enroll your children into local schools so that they can adapt to the locals and society. Having said that, the proficiency level of your children in the Korean language will play a part in this decision. Otherwise, you may opt for an international schooling experience that is common is Seoul, where there is an international blend of students. Seoul boasts many international schools that are perfect for expats in Korea. The curriculum is of prestige and is famous for their world-class educational system.

With a huge variety of international schools providing attractive curriculum, it will be confusing for you to make the right choice. But worry no more. At Asia Expat Guides, we can provide the top 3 international schools for you to choose from depending on location, curriculum, and taking your preferences into account. Some of the best international schools in Korea include:

  • Dwight School Seoul
  • Dulwich College School
  • Seoul Foreign School

Besides schools for your child, Asia Expat Guides can also introduce you to the best enrichment courses for them. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Swimming
  • Ballet
  • Piano
  • Soccer

You need not lift a finger in this process. Let’s sit down and have a talk with your children; we at Asia Expat Guides will bring the schools to you!

Get in touch with us for FREE consultation about education for your expat kids. Email us to or contact us here.


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