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Expat Kids: Education


Are you worried of the quality of education in Japan? This should not be a cause of concern for you when you are living in Japan. There are a lot of great things about the Japanese education, and one need look no further than the local kindergarten or the local elementary school. For everything other than English education, they are doing a great job of educating the children of Japan. We at Asia Expat Guide can help you identify the most appropriate school for your child needs and even assist in offering extra-curricular courses like sports, music and arts..


Product Description

Is your child able to pick up the Japanese language quickly? Or do you prefer an English-speaking environment for him and exposure to an international blend of students in school? There are international schools in Japan along with the presence of their local schools. Our team at Asia Expat Guides have local knowledge of Japan and we look forward to discuss the details of different schools that is the most suited for your child.

Studying in Japan gives students opportunities to explore not only the Japanese culture, but also the different educational system that the country offers. International schools in Japan are highly competitive and student-friendly at the same time. Asia Expat Guides has established great connections with different institutions such as (but not limited to the following):

  • The American School in Japan
  • Aoba-Japan International School
  • K International School Tokyo

We at Asia Expat Guides can help you make a decision based on your preferences, previous experiences and goals. We will recommend schools that are of high quality, student-centered and have a conducive environment for growth and development. We will lead the way in recommendations and help you with the processes or transactions with other parties all throughout. Through the years, we have helped many expat families settling in Japan, and we would be happy to assist your family too upon your move to Japan.

Asia Expat Guides can help you in scouting for the best and appropriate international school for you. We’d love to hear from you. At Asia Expat Guides, you’re never alone. We’re always ready to help with your travel needs. We bridge culture and language barriers in order to create a unified living environment for all. We’re highly motivated to offer our services in order to make your stay in Japan fruitful, memorable and worthwhile.

Your happiness is our priority, here at Asia Expat Guides. Come experience the fun of education in Japan!

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