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Expat Insurance


When you are unwell and thousands of miles away from home, all you wish is the best healthcare service possible with medical professionals who speak in your language. While you might enjoy world-class private healthcare in Vietnam, the bills might not be as friendly to your pocket. Protect yourself against unforeseen expenses with the best international health insurance now, as our highly professional team at Asia Expat Guides provides comprehensive details and thorough information on which hospitals and healthcare facilities are the best for you…


Product Description

While general healthcare in Vietnam is inconsistent,there are still a number of quality medical establishments in Saigon such as the Franco-Vietnam hospital,as well as several smaller clinic-type facilities such as Columbia Clinic that comprise a diverse armory of local doctors as well as those trained overseas such as in the US or France.

While there is no national health insurance plan in Vietnam, expats are strongly recommended to take up appropriate insurance policies to safeguard their health and against medical cost. Expats commonly opt for treatment at private healthcare establishments because of the more advanced healthcare facilities and the presence of better-qualified medical personnel there. However, without an adequately-covered insurance plan, expats should be prepared to fork out a pretty hefty sum for their medical services.

Our team at Asia Expat Guides has the interests of your family at heart and will offer only the right mix of policies that has the best value for you. We will provide comprehensive health insurance that includes extensive coverage yet are reasonably-priced at the same time. You and your family will be subject to only the best medical attention without putting a strain on your finances.

We promise a safe and healthy transition to Vietnam by handling your health insurance needs. Our specialists in the field of healthcare and insurance will guarantee reliability and functionality for you. With Asia Expat Guides around, you never have to worry about the standard of healthcare nor the cost of the medical services. We will refine your healthcare insurance choices in Vietnam so that you and your family can enjoy the best policies and decisions!

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