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Expat Insurance


When you are unwell and thousands of miles away from home, all you wish is the best healthcare service possible with medical professionals who speak in your language. While you might enjoy world-class private healthcare in Malaysia, the bills might not be as friendly to your pocket. Protect yourself against unforeseen expenses with the best international health insurance now, as our highly professional team at Asia Expat Guides provides comprehensive details and thorough information on which hospitals and healthcare facilities are the best for you…


Product Description

Medical services standards in Malaysia are of very high quality. Government-owned hospitals are located in major cities, while the private hospitals operate in urban areas. The established hospitals have doctors who are eloquent in English due to their overseas training. While the standards of public hospitals are generally good, expats tend to prefer private hospitals for their shorter waiting times as well as cutting-edge medical technology. However, private medical care is very much more expensive and this should be wisely tackled via your insurance plan.

Malaysia does not own any national health insurance schemes. Therefore, expats should safeguard themselves and their family with comprehensive private medical insurance. At Asia Expat Guides, we can tailor your insurance plan to fit you and your family’s needs – just the way you like it. International health insurance companies offer a scope of packages for the expat market. Our team of advisors can devise the best insurance plan – coverage and budget wise – so that you will be covered under the best private hospitals that provide services like outpatient care as well as dental care. At Asia Expat Guides, we assure that you get nothing but the best international health insurance policies in Malaysia.

Medical services in the major cities of Malaysia provide top quality healthcare. With Asia Expat Guides, your family is assured of medical benefits and compensation. When it comes to healthcare, we seek only the best for our clients. You and your family’s health is of our priority – that is our promise to you. Join us at Asia Expat Guides, await the most comprehensive health insurance in Malaysia. You can feel protected with us!

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