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Expat Insurance


When you are unwell and thousands of miles away from home, all you wish is the best healthcare service possible with medical professionals who speak in your language. While you might enjoy world-class private healthcare in Japan, the bills might not be as friendly to your pocket. Protect yourself against unforeseen expenses with the best international health insurance now, as our highly professional team at Asia Expat Guides provides comprehensive details and thorough information on which hospitals and healthcare facilities are the best for you…


Product Description

The quality of medical care in Japan is of an extremely high level. Japan has a public healthcare scheme that covers both locals as well as foreigners residing in Japan for more than a year. Expats can either enroll in the National Health Insurance System or in a healthcare association plan through their employer. At Asia Expat Guides, we understand the benefits of public healthcare assistance programs and we can aid you in registration for these programs. Our team are also sensitive about the needs and health safety of your loved ones; we will be able to suggest alternatives such as the National Health Insurance plan for the self-employed or unemployed.

However, the above public healthcare plans do not cover expats whom are living in Japan for less than a year. As such, much of the medical expenses have to be borne by the expat and the expenses can amount to quite a hefty sum. If you have particular medical services that you or your family require, such as orthodontics or pre-natal care, we can find the best international healthcare insurance companies whose policies give you the best coverage.

The language barrier will always be a concern during medical consultations. With Asia Expat Guides, we will help you mitigate that issue. Our team comprises native professionals who are bilingual and will spare no effort in opening up the range of healthcare insurance plans that are best suited to you. We can get you connected to clinics and hospitals that have English-speaking staff. With us around, rest assured that the health and safety of your family is well-covered.

When moving to a foreign country, we at Asia Expat Guides are around to guide you. Your health is our number one priority and we never will compromise on that. At Asia Expat Guides, we guarantee that our presence and services will satisfy you here in Japan!

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