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Upon your arrival in Korea, you will start to get disoriented due to the difference in language, weather, transportation system, way of life, and many other things. Don’t get overwhelmed by these sudden changes! Our professional guides at Asia Expat Guides will ensure a smooth transition for you and your family from the moment you step your foot in Korea: from picking you at the airport, familiarize you with your new neighborhood, local food and places of interest, and guide you in purchasing items for your new home…


Product Description

Stepping foot onto a foreign land may make you and your family feel withdrawn because of all the unfamiliarity faced here in Korea. With our professional guides by your side, we will mitigate all your worries and localize you to your new country immediately!

Airport Pick-up & Familiarization of Living Area

After a weary flight to Korea, the thought of hauling your luggage along public transportation to your new accommodation is daunting (if you even manage to find your way). Unfortunately, a number of taxi drivers in Korea do not excel in English. A difficulty of pronouncing Korean street names, or addresses make it so much more difficult.

With our airport pickup service at Asia Expat Guides, our guides will send you to right to the doorstep of your new home here in Korea. With our service, you never have to worry over squeezing your luggage into the taxi, expensive taxi meters, or even how to pronounce the name of your new accommodation.

The further your accommodation is away from Seoul, the less proficient the Koreans are in the English language. Once you settle down at your new accommodation, it can problematic to ask for directions to the nearest convenience stores or amenities. The hectic public transportation does not make it any easier.  Fret not, our pick-up service also includes an all-important familiarization of your living area. You will be orientated to where the E-marts, Lotte Marts, Homepluses and Costcos are. We can even introduce you to the revolutionary virtual supermarket that will awe you.

Introduction to Local Food & Places of Interest

South Korea is known as the “Land of the Morning Calm” because of its spellbinding natural beauty of picturesque high mountains, clear waters and splendid tranquility, particularly in the morning. For the curious and adventurous, join our specialized expat tour and pay a visit to the War Memorial of Korea. With informative details and stories about Korea’s past, you will gain a more insightful understanding of the country. For those with family members, you can bring them to the Floating Island, a manmade recreational park that is nothing short of greens and beautiful landscapes. With other endless attractions like Jeju Island, Haeundae Beach, Seoraksan National Park, allow us to bring you to only the best and paradisiac places there is!

Korean food is based on a healthy mix of meat, vegetables and rice. You should never claim to have visited Korea before devouring a plate of Kimchi, the national dish of Korea. Mix it up with the famous Bibimbap, a rice dish mixed meat, vegetables and sauces. Or, treat yourself to the popular yet healthy SoondubuJiggae (Korean stew). We cannot finish counting the list of mouth-watering dishes in Korea. So, if you want to be a part of the Korean community, come along at Asia Expat Guides. Eating the famous Korean cuisine is a good way to get started!

Aid in Purchasing Items

Moving into a whole new country means that you have to start all over again from scratch. Shopping from furniture and household commodities to pricer items such as automobiles or expensive appliances like gadgets form part of your shopping list. Questions such as where to buy them, the best place to get them, the cost of these items will start to appear.

Fret not, because here at Asia Expat Guides we have a team specially dedicated to help you out in the area of purchasing. We are localized and are familiar with the humble stores along the streets to luxury shopping malls. You don’t have to wear out your brain cells nor spend your nights searching online when you could instead be immersing with pleasures that Korea offers. We can bring you to Ikea for furniture or the most dependable car dealerships if you need a personal mode of transport. With our help, you get nothing less than the best deals around town.

Alone in Korea? Think again – we at Asia Expat Guides are ready to help you all throughout! At Asia Expat Guides, we offer competent services that optimizes comfort and satisfaction for your stay in Korea. Be pampered with our excellent services as we pinpoint and bring you to the best local delicacies and popular tourist attractions. We will ensure that you have opportunities to immerse in the serenity of landscapes and authentic food that Korea presents. With us at Asia Expat Guides, have an experience of a lifetime in Seoul!


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