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Upon your arrival in Japan, you will start to get disoriented due to the difference in language, weather, transportation system, way of life, and many other things. Don’t get overwhelmed by these sudden changes! Our professional guides at Asia Expat Guides will ensure a smooth transition for you and your family from the moment you step your foot in Japan: from picking you at the airport, familiarize you with your new neighborhood, local food and places of interest, and guide you in purchasing items for your new home…


Product Description

Stepping foot onto a foreign land may make you and your family feel withdrawn because of all the unfamiliarity faced here in Japan. With our professional guides by your side, we will mitigate all your worries and localize you to your new country immediately!

Airport Pick-up & Familiarization of Living Area

A draining fight to Japan can be tiring for your mind and body. While taxis in Japan are an expensive alternative to their renowned efficiency public transportation, the ton of luggagewith you makes both options unattractive. Once public transportation stop operating at midnight, long waiting times at taxi stands are widespread. Other times, there are rare cases of unlicensed taxis showing up – often unnoticed by many nonchalant foreigners.

We at Asia Expat Guides, are attentive to your problems. Japan is well-known for its congested traffic in the cities, making airport transfer from places like Tokyo a difficult task. With our airport pickup service, our experienced guides make your transit from airport to home hassle-free by picking you up from the airport and sending you right to the doorstep of your new home.

We also go a mile further just for our valued customers. We are happy to show you around your neighborhood to familiarize with the amenities, leisure spots, and social hangouts in your. Since you are already in Japan, we will pop by the nearest 7-elevens as well if you want to grab quick bites. Meanwhile, we can also refer you to the nearby Wal-marts and Carrefours if you still miss the international chains at home.

Introduction to Local Food & Places of Interest

Japan is popularly known for its well-preserved heritage despite the country’s technological advancements and flourishing popular culture.The astonishing festivals, magnificent natural and man-made sceneries, and delicious cuisine are all set to welcome you and your family.

Food is an unrivalled attraction of Japan. Many expatriates fearlessly have a shot at raw Japanese dishes such as the famous sashimi (raw fish) and sushiwhich constitute the commonplace diet of locals. Japanese chef and food experts have extraordinary and creative food presentation styles that your children and young-at-heart family members would surely love. We, at Asia Expat Guides, are always ready to expose you the most recommended and top quality Japanese and international cuisine.

If you and your family are in for an adventure the Japanese way, Asia Expat Guides can also help you wander among the most impressive Japanese tourist destinations and engage in cultural activities. You can pray or visit century-old temples and houses, watch theatrical performances like the Kabuki or participate in Japanese festivals such as the Hanabi (Fireworks) Festival. These events and activities also allow foreigners to wear the traditional clothes of Japanese like the Yukata.

Aid in Purchasing Items

If you had done prior research before moving to Japan, you’d probably have heard of travelling light. The accommodations in Japan are generally small – too small to fit American-sized furniture. The best bet would be bring over only your essentials, while the rest can be bought over here in Japan. Also, refrigerators in Japan are typically smaller than the ones you have at home. You probably have to run to markets or convenience stores more often to stock on basic necessities.

While Japanese products are known for their quality, they can be more than just costly at times. Cheap Shopping in Japan is still attainable if you know which districts are less costly in comparison to the others. Usual Japan shopping districts include Omotesando, Ginza’s streets, Megurodori, Shin-okubo, Yokohama and Ameyoko. Whether you need a home full of furniture, the nearest and dependable convenience stores to stock food, or a new ride to cruise in upon touchdown, we can handle all your needs. We are your best buddy – not only can we direct you to nearby trustable amenities, we can even bargain on your behalf to get local prices as well as do the purchasing just for you. Through our years of experience, we’ve found the most reliable, quality-driven yet affordable businesses that you can patronize.

As you set out for your Japanese escapade, Asia Expat Guides extend our hand in helping you settle down with ease and comfort. Our guides are your one-stop partner in immersing you and your family with all sorts of fulfillment. Our globally competitive customer-centred assistance for expats will rid your frustration and apprehension in Japan. Look no further and look forward to a wonderful Japanese adventure!


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