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Upon your arrival in Indonesia, you will start to get disoriented due to the difference in language, weather, transportation system, way of life, and many other things. Don’t get overwhelmed by these sudden changes! Our professional guides at Asia Expat Guides will ensure a smooth transition for you and your family from the moment you step your foot in Indonesia: from picking you at the airport, familiarize you with your new neighborhood, local food and places of interest, and guide you in purchasing items for your new home…


Product Description

Stepping foot onto a foreign land may make you and your family feel withdrawn because of all the unfamiliarity faced here in Indonesia. With our professional guides by your side, we will mitigate all your worries and localize you to your new country immediately!

Airport Pick-up & Familiarization of Living Area

Drained from your long flight, finding a cab in the midst of pushy illegal “cabs” and deceitful taxi drivers at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, it is best to have someone dependable to pick you up. It is here at Asia Expat Guides that you can seek solace from. The hectic highways, combined with hazards of narrow and poorly-lit roads, unexpected potholes, and a ton of inconsiderate drivers, our team knows the risks of travelling in Indonesia. We aim to be at the doorstep of your new home in the quickest, safest and most comfortable manner.

Inadequacy of factors like infrastructure and overpopulation contribute to Jakarta’s fair share of flooding and transportation woes. With our rich experience, our guides will familiarize you with rush hours that you should avoid commuting around in Jakarta, point you to low-lying land that are more prone to floods, as well as clogged sewers which may render parts of the city to be impassible at times. More importantly, we will pinpoint you where the local amenities are so you’ll fit in right away like a local.

Introduction to Local Food & Places of Interest

Indonesia evokes images of white beaches and stunning scenery. If you want to make the most of your stay in Indonesia, you must appreciate the simplicity of their lifestyle, savor the flavor of their local cuisine, and discover their well-preserved landscapes and bodies of water.

With our guides at Asia Expat Guides, experience dozens of ethnic groups and tribes with their different ways of life and their traditional food. One of the most famous Indonesian dishes is rendang, a spicy meat dish which was chosen as the number one dish of the ‘World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods’ by a 2011 online poll held by CNN International. Other well-known mouth-watering dishes are nasigoreng (fried rice), satay, bakso (meatball soup) and gado-gado (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce). We are familiar with the regional favorites – chicken and fish in Java, beef in Sumatra, duck and pork in Bali and seafood in South Sulawesi.

At Asia Expat Guides, we also offer organized expat tours which will make your move to Indonesia worth it. You might want to learn more about Indonesia by revisiting its history at the National Museum, Jakarta’s icon which will tell you Indonesian history against the colonialists; or the famous Old Town area in North Jakarta, an interesting place with many museums and beautiful old buildings from Dutch colonial era. Alternatively, you might also be interested to experience the hustle and bustle of Tanah Abang or ManggaDua market, the largest wholesale center in Southeast Asia!

Aid in Purchasing Items

Accommodation in Indonesia is never extravagantly furnished, unless you have paid for an upscale place of course. Chances are, you might want to look for a new army of commodities, equipment, home furnishes, and perhaps a new ride to cruise around.

As a new expat in Indonesia, you may be worried that your limited Bahasa Indonesia might prevent you from getting what you exactly need and want. With Asia Expat Guides, you don’t have to worry about all your purchasing needs. Our local team are familiar with the Unilevers where you can purchase your household necessities. Otherwise, our native guides can bring you to IKEA and other reliable stores in Jakarta. For purchase of automobiles, we will take you to the best car dealerships where you will get the best quality at the best prices. With Asia Expat Guides, you never have to worry about inflated prices that expats normally are faced with.

At Asia Expat Guides, we ensure that you will have the opportunity to experience these exciting places without getting lost or duped. Our guide services allow you to integrate more effectively and save time in Indonesia. If you’re looking to be familiarized with your new community and culture, look no further. Asia Expat Guides is happy to be your partner!


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