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Upon your arrival in India, you will start to get disoriented due to the difference in dialects, weather, transportation system, way of life, and many other things. Don’t get overwhelmed by these sudden changes! Our professional guides at Asia Expat Guides will ensure a smooth transition for you and your family from the moment you step your foot in India: from picking you at the airport, familiarize you with your new neighborhood, local food and places of interest, and guide you in purchasing items for your new home…


Product Description

Stepping foot onto a foreign land may make you and your family feel withdrawn because of all the unfamiliarity faced here in India. With our professional guides by your side, we will mitigate all your worries and localize you to your new country immediately!

Airport Pick-up & Familiarization of Living Area

In India, airport transfer to other places is a chore – one that is unwillingly faced by many expats. Whether it is Delhi or Mumbai you are arriving at, both of these – as well as other major cities – are chaotic, to say the least. The thought of lugging your baggage to find an honest taxi driver, combing through the congested traffic to your accommodation can be daunting.

At Asia Expat Guides, we will be there waiting for you as you check out of the arrival gate, ferrying you to your accommodation using the quickest route possible. Our guides are also resourceful and smart; be impressed with our familiarity of directions as they avoid congested areas and zip through traffic! The worry of having to locate amenities and facilities will be taken care by us. Meanwhile, we will familiarize you with the unique culture of India. Also, if you are a female, we would love to share with you the alleys never to near and clothing to avoid. The poor along certain streets will cling onto your legs and grab your arms but we will advise you these areas to steer away from.

Introduction to Local Food & Places of Interest

Given its sheer size, India provides a myriad of ancient ruins, religious structures, food cultures, and historical landscapes to explore. A geographically diverse country, there’s much to see and do here as an expat in India. India offers sights, smells and sounds like no other place and exploring just one city can uncover great delights. Our guides at Asia Expat Guides are all too familiar with the famed Taj Mahal, Kerala backwaters, the beaches of Goa and are dying to share their experiences with you.

In India, cooking is considered an art and of course dining with your family are considered special and important occasions. As far as food is concerned, your India experience will never be complete without savoring the country’s prided cuisine. The bizarre blending of aroma and spices will surely entice you and your family into exploring every Indian delicacy available. As diverse as the country is, her range of food offerings is as vast. The North, South, East and West regions of India brings about its own unique taste of food. With Asia Expat Guides, we will embark on a true discovery of local Indian delicacies and you can expect very pleasurable gastronomic experimentation with us.

Our team at Asia Expat Guides comprise experienced guides that will not fail you in terms of service level. World-famous attractions as well as hidden corners of local authentic Indian cuisine are at our fingertips. Our experience in the industry means we will spare no effort in making your tour the tastiest and the most enjoyable.

Aid in Purchasing Items

Finding a shelter over your head to stay is just one of the many hurdles you have to overcome in India. At Asia Expat Guides, many expats have identified the inadequacy of furniture or amenities. Or, with regards to shopping, you may have heard wonders over the amazing handicrafts, fabrics and carpets that India is famous for. But where are the places to get those items? Well, you can relax because we have just got the right team for you.

Be in a hypermarket such as HYPERcity that carries a heterogeneous mix of branded products, premier shopping malls such as DLF Emporio, or market stalls that sell day-to-day items, our guides know it all. They can distinguish between authenticities and the fakes; the quality products and the inferiors. Our guides can also speak the local language; rest assured you will get the best deal for your product. Apart from daily necessities, our guides are also happy to share with you where to get value-for-money handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, spices and tea that India is renowned for.

At Asia Expat Guides, we’re always ready to lend you a hand in journeying India.Anticipate a mind-blowing tour for your senses as you are in good hands with Asia Expat Guides. Prepare to have your senses immersed in the richness and diversity that India presents. Together, let’s welcome change with confidence and optimism!


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