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Problems might occur when you want to open a bank account in strange country whose language you don’t even understand. You also wonder which bank in Vietnam is most suitable to your needs, and if the bank of your choice is reputable enough. Let us at Asia Expat Guides break the language barriers and give you unbiased opinions…


Product Description

The banking system in Vietnam has progressed through the years and assures quality service to clients. With the presence of several local and international banks in Vietnam, expats can expect a range of options to decide on the most suitable. Banks in Vietnam have various packages catered to both locals and foreigners. Can’t decide on the best banking package? Not to worry – we at Asia Expat Guides are more than happy to offer our services.

At Asia Expat Guides, we are familiar with the established banks that are popular within the expat community. We have strong partnerships with both international and local banks that can offer you a diverse set of banking options and incentives. Expats commonly opt to open an account with global banks such as HSBC and ANZ whom are mainstays in expat-dense cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. Otherwise, local giants such as Vietcom bank is equally reliable and offers its own unique set of banking incentives. Whatever you are looking for as an expat, our team at Asia Expat Guides are veterans in the Vietnam banking industry and can answer all your queries. All banks in Vietnam offer different packages so it is advisable to understand which packages are best suited to your needs. We have your sole interests at heart. We can dissect the benefits and tradeoffs of your banking choices in Vietnam and ultimately provide you with the ideal bank that caters to your needs.

In order to open your bank account here in Vietnam, you will require certain documents such as your passport, a copy of your work contract, as well as initial deposit which varies depending on the bank you have decided on. With Asia Expat Guides, opening up a bank account in Vietnam would never be easier. Our team at Asia Expat Guides are exceptionally familiar with the banking options in Vietnam and are more than willing to assist you in any areas at all.

What are you waiting for? Our professionals at Asia Expat Guides have all the important information you need!

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