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Problems might occur when you want to open a bank account in strange country with unfamiliar process and different systems. You also wonder which bank in Singapore is most suitable to your needs, and if the bank of your choice is reputable enough. Let us at Asia Expat Guides break the language barriers and give you unbiased opinions…


Product Description

Singapore is blessed with the leading financial banks in the world. There are almost 700 local and foreign banking institutions all over Singapore, with the more popular ones such as HSBC, OCBC, CITIBANK, RBS, UOB, RMIB and DBS. Yet, the availability of diverse choices confuses most expats and leads to a hard time filtering down tothe best one.

To open an account in Singapore, you will need copies of your passport, employer’s letter, and a statement from a bank in your home country. Most of the major banks in the world are represented here. Singapore has extensive facilities of automated teller machines (ATMs) and a cashless payment system called NETS for your paying convenience. If you plan to stay in Singapore for an extended period, you should use these facilities.

With Asia Expat Guides, we know the best banks in Singapore for expats. Share with us what you look for in a bank and we will run through the lists of banks in Singapore just to present you with the best one. DBS has an expatriate banking package, and a NETS cards payment function, while the HSBC Global View allows you to have a macro view of all your worldwide HSBC accounts. We have an in-depth understanding of how the banks in Singapore operate, what their strengths are, as well as the suitability of these banks for expats.

With us as your partner, opening a bank account in Singapore will never be easier. You can always depend on us to handle your banking and finance options. Our vast knowledge and experience in these matters enable us to be familiar with popular banking choices for expats in Singapore. What are you waiting for, optimize your finance options with us at Asia Expat Guides!

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