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Problems might occur when you want to open a bank account in strange country whose language you don’t even understand. You also wonder which bank in Indonesia is most suitable to your needs, and if the bank of your choice is reputable enough. Let us at Asia Expat Guides break the language barriers and give you unbiased opinions…


Product Description

There are plentiful expat banking options in Indonesia that offer a full range of services. However, there lies vast differences between the local and foreign banks. Expats typically have different sets of needs in terms of banking options as compared to the locals. This is where our team at Asia Expat Guides can come in handy. We can explore the different banking options that both local and foreign banks offer to expats like yourself. For instance, if are on a lookout for a bank that offers a wide range of electronic banking options, one that has English-speaking staff, or one that can make international transfer quickly with competitive exchange rates, we can filter down your choices with our expertise. Our professionals will be able to aid you to make an informed decision.

Opening a bank account in Indonesia means that documents and paperwork is required. Our team at Asia Expat Guides will remind you of these necessary documents such as your letter of reference and a copy of your passport. We are here to make your transition to Indonesia as simple and hassle-free as possible. With us around, you do not have to worry about communication or any forms of language barriers. Allow us to sort out the simplest route for you, along with the most suitable banks in Indonesia according to your preferences.

After we sort out your banking and financial options in your new country, the difficult times are over. ATMs, savings accounts, check accounts, debit and credit cards are all readily available in Indonesia.What are you waiting for, our professional team at Asia Expat Guides is waiting to render our service to you!

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