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Problems might occur when you want to open a bank account in strange country with unfamiliar process and different systems. You also wonder which bank in India is most suitable to your needs, and if the bank of your choice is reputable enough. Let us at Asia Expat Guides break the language barriers and give you unbiased opinions…


Product Description

Banks and financial sectors in India are constantly progressing as the country’s economy is on the rise. Most international banks are represented in India and a huge portion of them operate in the commercial hubs.Unlike other Asian countries, Indians do not have any issues dealing with foreigners as English language is primarily used in business dealings. With thousands of banks all over India,our professionals at Asia Expat Guides can offer you the best banking options in India that can maximize your savings growth.

Opening a bank account in India can be simply or troublesome, depending on the bank you choose. Certain banks offer registration via electronic or online methods to open an account, while others request for physical forms and require submission of these forms to the bank in person. Our team at Asia Expat Guides has assisted countless of expats like yourself with the procedure of opening a bank account in India. We can lay out the eligibility norms as required by the Reserve Bank of India. We understand the minute differences of the banks in India. We are familiar with the rates and schemes of the international banks in India.

We at Asia Expat Guides are confident about our abilities in Indian banking. We can help you structure your decisions and provide finance-related suggestions that will benefit you and family. What are you waiting for? You can start to invest your finances in the best and most reliable international banks in India!

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