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Expat Accommodation in Vietnam


One major decision you would have to face when living in Vietnam is finding the right home for you and your family. As with other expat-rich nations, Vietnam offers various housing options depending on your needs, preferences and budget. With different aparments, hotels, and houses, there is certainly a perfect choice for you. Finding the most ideal housing is an important decision that doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult and time consuming one, with Asia Expat Guide’s assistance. As your housing agent, we can not only help you save time but also money and energy so you can quickly get settled in your new home…


Product Description

Vietnam is a poor and densely populated country in the East that has been associated with war and sub-urbanism. Yet, Vietnam manages to continuously attract foreigners and expats for its scenic countryside, low cost of living and relaxed culture. Certain cities in Vietnam are particularly expat-dense and accommodation is generally not difficult to scout for. However, the variance in living conditions and the choices of accommodation makes it worthwhile to consult professional advice to settle down in a place you can truly call home.

Our team are well-versed in local living areas and we are happy to offer professional advice. In cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, prices can be high for expats living within these urban areas. Expats seeking exposure with the locals tend to congregate about District 2 and 7 in Ho Chi Minh (further away from city center), where established schools and nurseries are also present for the needs of your families.

Here at Asia Expat Guides, we always consider your priorities. Let us know what you look for in a home – be it an upscale area teeming with facilities or a common lifestyle in a laidback suburban setting. In Vietnam, we provide options such as high rise apartments furnished with amenities like pools, gyms and restaurants that will cost you from $1200 to $5000. Expats seeking a conventional lifestyle can look to a price range from $500 to $1200. Catering towards budget-friendly options, a room space might be the best choice. Let us know what you are looking for and we will certainly work things out for you.

Vietnam offers a wide selection of expat housing and expat accommodation. As always, administrative matters will appear complicated to a foreigner. At Asia Expat Guides, we can provide you with different home listings for rent, regardless of a short term or a permanent stay. Our team comprises experienced local realtors that deliver the best expatriate accommodation in Vietnam. We promise you will get to choose the right home that pleases your needs and budget.

Only at Asia Expat Guides, we promise to approach you with the best service and ultimately deliver a home that you will be most pleased and comfortable with!

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