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Expat Accommodation in Korea


As one plans to move to South Korea, you need to consider finding a suitable residence for rest and recreation. There are a lot of factors that you need to look into when choosing the right type of accommodation for you to buy or rent and you should always consider the location, cost and accessibility that it is close to your work place, children’s schools and amenities. At Asia Expat Guides, we work with experienced and professional network of South Korean realtors and landlords to find a safe place that you can call home with all the amenities you need…


Product Description

The metropolis of Seoul provides expats a fusion of traditional and modern flavor. A history-rich country, Koreans take great pride in their country. “The Miracle of Han” survived through the Korean War relatively unscathed and has since developed into a booming city; one that is modernized and attractive to global immigrants.

Having said that, looking for a place to stay in Seoul can be a challenge. The process of buying any types of property or land in South Korea is tightly regulated. Foreigners planning to buy property in South Korea are subjected to the Foreigner’s Land Acquisition Act and the Real Estate Registration Act.

With Asian Expat Guides, we can look for a safe and secured expat accommodation in Seoul for you. Depending on your preference, we offer different shelters over your head in Seoul, ranging from serviced and regular apartments, to private houses, terraced houses and studio apartments. Don’t be surprised at the plethora of options we can provide. It’s because only at Asia Expat Guides, our team comprises efficient and experienced realtors who offer you nothing less than the best place to stay.

Our localized knowledge allows you to stay in districts such as Yongsan-gu with an international blend of foreigners. Itaewon continues to be the largest expat community and boasts unrivalled shopping, nightlife, food experiences and affordable housing. Seodaemun-gu is also another popular residential area for expats and includes a myriad of universities and international schools in that district that may be more suitable for your family. Otherwise, Gangnam is the modernized district of Seoul, encompassing trendy fashion streets as well as various cultural and business facilities. You name it, we know it. Here at Asia Expat Guides, our team will match your preferences to find your dream home!

We at Asia Expat Guides will handle your concerns such as traffic, cost, distance to school and workplace, and living environments. We assure to bring you the ideal accommodation for you and your family that is definitely worth your every penny. With Asia Expat Guides, we want you to relish the busy metropolitan life and the Korean way of living!

Get in touch with us for FREE consultation about expat accommodation. Email us to admin@asiaexpatguides.com or contact us here.


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