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Expat Accommodation in Japan


Apartments and houses in Japan are generally much smaller than what expats are used to. Living in Japan is like camping because most people sleep on futons on the floor even though many have beds. Homes and apartments do not have central heating and air conditioning, but rather, each room has a heating/air conditioning unit. We understand that one of the most important aspects to consider when you move to Japan is finding the perfect home for you and your family. We at Asia Expat Guide have the right realtor connections to help you scout the most convenient and safest residence within the budget you can afford…


Product Description

Japan is one of the most popular countries in Asia that never fails to amaze the global market with its originality and inventiveness. For Japanese aficionados, coming over to Japan can be a dream come true. However, searching for an accommodation can be taxing since many real estate agents speak only Japanese.

Japan has been widely known as one of the safest countries for expats. According to the Global Peace Index 2012, Japan is the top five safest countries in the world to be living in. Yet, Japan is not safeguarded from the devastating natural elements of seismic shocks. Japan is also a relatively homogenous society, ethically and culturally.

With us at Asia Expat Guides, we will not compromise on your safety. We understand which areas that are less vulnerable to earthquakes and those accommodations will be prioritized for you. If you are looking for a more international blend of community, we know of Tokyo and other cities that will make you fit right in. Japan is also the epitome of efficiency and convenience; we can search for a place near the train station so that your valuable time can be saved.

We have great realtors in the team so you are assured that you will get nothing but the best services. We have observed cities of Minatu, Megoru-ku and Shibuya-ku to be the most popular expat communities in Japan. The entire area have been modernized amenities like shops, restaurants, armed with approachable staff and the best international schools in the neighborhood. Furthermore, expats can choose between serviced apartments and unfurnished apartments. The former is a contemporary-styled apartment, fully furnished with regular cleaning services while the latter is the typical type of apartment with basic furniture. If you are living in Japan with your family however, renting a home will be the perfect solution as everyone will have a space of his or her own. At Asia Expat Guides, we can assist in making this happen.

Asia Expat Guides can surely help you look for that perfect accommodation in Tokyo for you and your family. Look forward to engage your senses to the vibrant metropolis in the Land of the Rising Sun!

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