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Expat Accommodation in India


One of the most important aspects to consider when you live in India is finding the perfect home for you and your family. If you are assigned in Mumbai or Delhi, you can easily find a place that is suited to your needs as an expat and many of these apartments are situated nearby offices, IT parks, BPO zones and banks. Real estate in India has become a competitive market. Wherever you may be assigned, we at Asia Expat Guides will be working with experienced and professional network of Indian realtors and landlords to find a safe place that you can call home with all the amenities you need…


Product Description

India is known for its scenic views, lovely beaches, majestic mountain ranges and vibrant festivals. Lots of expats find this multifaceted country an appealing place to start their business or work in as its economic growth continues to bloom over the past decades. Expats in India usually rent an apartment or lease a property for up to five years. For short term accommodation, these expats usually lease houses, terraces, bungalows or low-rise apartments.

However, getting an accommodation after moving to India is not easy as it sounds. Apart from owning less rights than the locals, foreigners are also charged premium prices for properties and are very much exposed to swindlers.

Here at Asia Expat Guides, our professionals possess intimate knowledge of legal procedures and are familiar with sourcing for expat housing. We believe in personalization – we ask and take note of everything in your consideration and present your house the way you want it. We ensure that your new home is adequately furnished, which is uncommon in India. We will make sure there is a generator back-up, so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the dark. Our experienced realtors will work their magic – we speak the native language and we can quickly seal the deal if we process it our way. At Asia Expat Guides, you will not be overwhelmed by challenges of searching for properties; you simply tell us what you are looking for and we will find it for you.

Why subject yourself to poor living conditions of noise, poverty, pollution and traffic that other expats are facing? In Asia Expat Guides, you always have a choice – you can choose an apartment that is well-secured and built a few blocks away from the bustling streets of the metropolis. Speak up and tell us what kind of community you prefer for your home, and we shall give it to you.

Join us, at Asia Expat Guides, in your search for your new dream home!

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