Domestic Cleaning Service
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Domestic Cleaning Services


When you are relocating to a new place, you will do everything to impress your new boss and your organization. But looking for the right company and people can be tiring. At Asia Expat Guides, we offer the best and most affordable domestic cleaning services in Thailand so that you would not have to worry about sacrificing your precious time for household chores. You excel in your chosen field of endeavor and leave to us your domestic cleaning services and we will ensure that you will time to attend to the things that really matters in your success and life…


Product Description

If you live far away from the city center of Bangkok, the journey home will sap away the rest of your energy. Otherwise, the congested traffic is sufficient to exhaust you – the brooms and mops at home won’t look any more appealing to you. Here at Asia Expat Guides, we understand that you are in a demanding work environment and dedicate much of your time to work; and the rest, to your family. How much time left does that leave for day-to-day cleaning chores at home?

If you are searching for a cleaning agency, we have found just the right place. With Asia Expat Guides, we offer the best and most affordable domestic cleaning services in Thailand. Our domestic cleaning team promise to maintain your house in an organized and clean fashion. In just 4 hours a week, our staff will shine and sparkle your house. We abide to the strictest cleaning standards and aim to make you as comfortable as you are in your home country. Above that, our staff are multi-skilled in other areas provide the following services such as:

  • Cleaning and swabbing of floors
  • Dusting
  • Washing clothes/utensils
  • Cooking
  • Baby-sitting

At Asia Expat Guides, what we offer is not just another conventional cleaning team. Our hiring process is of the most rigorous – every single staff on board is conscientious, honest, hardworking yet friendly and approachable at the same time. The days where you have to worry about household chores are finally over. You and your family can come back to a clean and comfortable home.

Let us at Asia Expat Guides take care of your household chores for you!

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