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Domestic Cleaning Services


Unless you are bringing someone from your home country to do your household chores (which can be quite expensive!), one of the tasks at hand after finding the right home for you and your family is to enlist the help of a domestic cleaning service when you move to South Korea. There are many locals offering such services but it can be overwhelming to select one that is sure to fit your needs and personality while at the same time, guaranteeing that they are trustworthy and can communicate well. Asia Expat Guide can connect you to the proper employment agencies to hire the perfect cleaners for your home who are reliable, affordable, and…


Product Description

Being an expat in Korea, be prepared to work your socks off. That is virtually the expectations for every worker in Seoul. According to OECD, Korea was ranked as the hardest-working nation in 2010 among 34 member countries, clocking working hours of 2,193 hours per year. The long working hours is coupled with competition and intensity of the workplace. With this competitive working environment, what is the likelihood of you picking up that mop to do household chores after your long and packed train ride back?

That’s when we, at Asia Expat Guides, can come in to help you. We can tap on the family-oriented, hardworking and helpful culture of Korea by getting domestic helpers to engage in your household chores. With us as your right-hand man, we provide only the best cleaners that never fails on service level as your domestic helper. Our cleaners have underwent stringent quality control tests that certifies their expertise in cleaning matters. They also are hardworking and helpful – rest assured they will treat your home just like theirs. With 4 hours every week, bid farewell to all the dusty corners and dirty spots in your home. There is no need for you to worry about sacrificing your precious time to clean your house anymore!

The staff can provide the following services (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Cleaning and swabbing of floors
  • Dusting
  • Washing clothes and/or utensils

What are you waiting for? We at Asia Expat Guides want you to fully enjoy your life in a new country. We fully understand the hectic work environment here in Korea – we want you to spend quality time with your family after work instead of tiring out. What’s more – we promise a palace-like cleanliness to you so that you can enjoy the weekend in the premise of your own home should you need a rest. Our domestic cleaning services at Asia Expat Guides will ensure that you have time to attend to what really matters in your life.

Get in touch with us for FREE consultation about domestic cleaning service. Email us to admin@asiaexpatguides.com or contact us here.


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