What We Do

At Asia Expat Guides, we understand that living in a foreign land is never easy and most expats face anxieties about their move away from home. Most expats face these uncertainties: “Can I adapt to this new country and its culture?”, “How can I find a suitable home?”, “Can I find a new social life?” and many more. At Asia Expat Guides, we hear your voice and have devised the best solutions to make your move abroad a successful one. These solutions include:

  • Free advices and consultations on administrative and logistics matters (Accommodation, Healthcare, Banking, School Registration, etc.)
  • Ferry service from airport to accommodation
  • Familiarization of living area, and of local culture
  • Organizing of social events for expats
  • Domestic services
  • Assistance in purchasing items (Automobiles, furniture)

Our patient guides will facilitate you as you settle into your host country. They are seasoned professionals aged 20 to 50, and are natives to the respective host country. Do allow our guides to take care of everything ranging from the important tasks to minor issues as you explore your new city.