Expat Living in Singapore

We all love to visit and live in a new country like Singapore and immerse ourselves with its unique society, beautiful landscapes, diverse culture and vibrant community. There are a lot of new things new things and experiences we will encounter when migrating to Singapore. Relocating to a new place like Singapore is exciting, but it also comes with its own share of challenges. Let us not allow these challenges to cloud our minds as there are a lot of beautiful things to know, do and remember when living in Singapore and we at Asia Expat Guide (AEG) are here to help you live and discover the wonders of the Lion City.

Things To Know As We Move To Singapore

Before we venture to new things, we must have a background of it and speaking of moving to Singapore, we must first know a little of its history and profile. We at Asia Expat Guide (AEG) is giving you a taste of everything of things you need to know. Singapore was originally a British colony and like the rest of the commonwealth of nations of the British Empire, the country still has strong ties with the United Kingdom. Even before the arrival of the British, Singapore has always been an important trading post in South East Asia and today, it has a modern and growing economy and the country is now the fifth wealthiest in the world. . According to the Wikipedia, Singapore had one of the highest standards of living in the world especially in 2009. The crime rate in the country is one of the lowest in the world and it is also consistently rated one of the least corrupt countries in the world by Transparency International. The citizens are disciplined in their approach towards law and rules. The official languages of the country are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. English is the common language of the nation and is the language of business, government, and the medium of instruction in schools. The main religions of the country are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Hinduism. Migrating to Singapore is not a big issue among the locals. As of 2009, about 40% of Singapore’s residents were foreigners – one of the highest percentages in the world. The Singapore dollar is the official currency of the country.

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