Expat Living in Malaysia

When Malaysia launched its tourism ad campaign of “Malaysia-Truly Asia” it wasn’t just a catchy moniker. Any expat living in Malaysia for some years now would understand that this is not simply a witty way of describing Malaysia but an accurate one. Having its origins in the Malay Kingdoms, Malaysia is a melting pot of 3 main Asian cultures: Malay, Indian, and Chinese. Because it is bordered by Thailand in the western part, Indonesia and Brunei in the eastern part and is directly linked to Singapore by a narrow causeway, it’s no wonder why this country is an infusion of many cultural and historical Asian influences that are widely seen until this day. Consequently, Malaysia is a relatively open-state while emerging as a newly industrialized market economy. However, threatening and accompanying its growing economy are also huge concerns on air and water pollution along with deforestation. If you’re thinking about migrating to Malaysia, let Asia Expat Guide help so you can easily adjust and make this transition as smooth as possible.

Things to Know about Living in Malaysia

global map showing where malaysia is locatedSince Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation, it’s easy for any expat to naturally feel at home here. Even if you’re not Asian, there’s hardly any racial discrimination felt. Being subjected previously to the British Empire is also evident in many of Malaysia’s existing policies, making them easily understood by and familiar to any Western expat. Hence, living in Malaysia not only means you get to experience a blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine, foods, festivals, literature, etc—you also get to enjoy a glimpse of British, American, Australian and even French culture.

Moreover, Malaysia boasts one of the highly developed infrastructures in Southeast Asia. In fact, its telecommunications network is considered the best, second to Singapore in the region. So getting around, communicating and accessing vital information are all not a problem even for the first time Malaysian expat. Having one of the strongest economic GDP’s in Asia, Malaysia also has a higher cost of living which means expats can likewise enjoy higher salaries compared to other Asian nations yet prices are not too steep from the Westerner point of view that they will kill your budget. And to make things even more a breeze for you, Asia Expat Guide has come up with the following services so you can really make Malaysia your “second home”.

Services We Offer For Expats In Malaysia