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Asia Expat Guides provides the international expatriate with quality services to get settled in comfortably within the host country.

What We Do

Here at Asia Expat Guides, we have identified the variety of problems that expats face, and have created effective solutions for you...


With our rich experience and customer-first philosophy, Asia Expat Guides boasts customer satisfaction like no other company.


Colin Gasper

Thank you AEG for helping me with setting up my bank account and accommodation. Your guides are very professional and i would recommend them to my friends. Xie Xie

Keith Cooper

Great Customer Service! that the best part of Asia Expat Guides, the guides are really friendly and you can feel that they actually care for your welfare, i will definitely recommend any expat for their services!

stephanie hughes

I like the local food and culture tour that AEG provided, it allowed me to taste authentic Thai dishes and gave me a better understanding of Thai culture. I even made a few great friends on the trip!

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